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Kate Lee O'Connor and Maggie O'Connor


Violinists Maggie O’Connor and Kate Lee O’Connor of the Grammy winning O’Connor Band are no strangers to life on the road. In a short time their band has risen to the top of the Bluegrass scene, and that meant they needed to adjust quickly to a life of travel! It has been a learning experience, and these ladies have some ideas on style and travel tips they would like to share for violinists everywhere – and also have a place to get new ideas from you for things that come up along the way!

“One of my favorite things about being a musician is that you can travel the world. I wish I could have had a place to find tips and ideas regarding fashion and travel specifically for violinists, since we have certain restrictions regarding fashion: short nails, clothes that don’t get in the way of playing, jewelry that doesn’t interfere with performance, making sure you look good in stage lighting too, and more. And to add to the restraints, being a traveling violinist means you only get your violin case, a carry on, and a suitcase 50lbs or less to bring on the journey (if you are flying). They don’t really teach this stuff at the conservatory, but this day and age it is important to look good and feel good when on the stage, and that can seem like a daunting task with so many limitations. Kate and I want to have a place for violinists to find products and ideas that make life more seamless transitioning from the everyday to being ready to play. We want to create a forum to share ideas in making the passion for playing the violin in any scenario easier to share with others, and sharing with you our favorite fashion essentials to have a one-stop-shop kind of blog for the great items we have found helpful while on tour – and at home! We hope to get more ideas from our readers as well.” – Maggie O’Connor

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